Labiaplasty or Labia reduction

The Labia Minora are the skin structures that protect the entrance to the vagina. They are commonly referred to as the “lips” of the vagina.

The labia minora often grow larger with aging and pregnancy. The length of the labia may affect the appearance and fit of certain types of clothes and bathing suits. In 10 percent cases the labia minora are too much enlarged which may cause irritation while biking, sitting, or during intercourse. The length and symmetry can also affect a women’s self-confidence level about her body and appearance.

Labiaplasty is a simple cosmetic procedure that gives women the option to reshape their enlarged labia minora. A carefully performed labiaplasty can reduce embarrassment about being seen naked, relieve discomfort when wearing tight underwear and pants, and prevent the excess tissue from interfering with sexual contact.

To view the incredible results of the Vaginoplasty   /   Labiaplasy, please click HERE to view the before and after pictures.

When is the best time to have a Labiaplasty performed?

It is recommended that a woman wait until she has completed puberty before undergoing a labia reduction. However, she does not have to wait until after completing childbearing to be a candidate for a labiaplasty.

Clitoral hood (Prepuce) Reduction

This surgery is typically performed at the same time as a Labiaplasty if there is excess tissue involving this region. The removal of the excess skin involves an incision on either side of the clitoris but not directly over the clitoris. By removing extra tissue the skin more naturally drapes over the clitoris.


Is a surgical procedure to reconstruct the hymen. The Hymeneal ring, or Hymen, can be injured during an accident, from usage of tampons, or from vaginal penetration from consensual or non-consensual sex. The presence of an intact hymen can be extremely important for both social as well as psychological reasons.