C-Section Scar Removal

Most people who have C-Section Scar Removal choose to have it done because:

  • The C-section scar is depressed or deformed and causing a flap of skin to hang over the scar.
  • They have red, raised or painful scars that need to be removed or revised.
  • C-section scar keloids
  • The C-section scar shows through clothing.

Is C-section scar removal painful?

C-section scar removal is not as painful as a full tummy tuck. Usually there is mild discomfort for few days which is managed well with pain medications.

What is recovery from C-section scar removal like?

When C-section scar removal also includes tummy tuck recovery may take 2 weeks. When simple removal of the scar is done recovery takes less time a week or 10 days.

How long will it take to see the result of my C-section scar removal?

You will see improvement immediately after surgery. However your final result can take 6 weeks to 3 months for final appearance.

How long should I wait after pregnancy to have my C-section scar removal?

I recommend waiting until 6 months or a year after you have finished breast-feeding. It is important for the best result that you have lost the extra weight and abdominal fat that you gained during pregnancy.

If the appearance of a C-section scar causes you to feel self-conscious, scar removal treatment from Dr. Pei can help. Learn more about this treatment or schedule a consultation today by calling (703) 698-9668.